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General Information: The Bio-Medical Competition will provide students the opportunity to complete a study of a prosthesis.  Everyday people of all ages have
to deal with complications of  lacking an essential body part, but with the assistance of prosthetic implants they give the abilities to function in everyday life.

Program:  Each team will research a specific type of prosthetic listed below.  From there, they will then write a research paper with a maximum of three pages, in
addition to preparing a brochure, a webpage, and a postal boards display.  At the tournament, after the judges score each group, the teams' knowledge will be tested
while playing a Jeopardy game.  All work done should encompass what they have learned and the information they have gathered.

Each team will be assigned one of the following topics for research:

- Arm Prosthesis

- Foot Prosthesis

- Knee Prosthesis

- Hip Prosthesis

- Cochlear Prosthesis

- Dental Prosthesis

- Bionic Eye

- Heart Prosthesis

Schools: The competition will be among the Metropolitan area high school students.

Awards Program: Students are required to submit their abstract by December 17, 2017.  A panel of judges will review the students' abstract paper and will form the
questions for the jeopardy game.  The teams will receive a mixture of 50 questions from the abstracts of each team to study and prepare for the jeopardy game.  The
competition will  consist of a panel of healthcare professionals that will judge the students' paper and project at a dinner with community residents, parents, and elected
officials on February 2, 2017, at the Greenbelt, Maryland. The winner of this competition will be selected at this event.  Marriott in The competition will be among the Metropolitan area high school students. Each team is encouraged to include one or more students who have been  impacted by a mental health


-  1st Place: Each member of the team will receive a $100 Gift Card

-  2nd Place: Each member of team will receive a $50 Gift Card

-  3rd Place: Each member of the team will receive a $25 Gift Card

Business and government support:Several companies will be recruited to serve as instructors, mentors, and technical advisors.  This project will significantly
impact the community by bringing attention to the awareness/diagnosis/treatment of amputation.  Current supporters include the Black Commissioned Officers Advisory Group (U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps).

Fee:You must be an active member of the Patro-Tech Science Club.

Information and registration: Call Patriots at 301/925-9350


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Bio-Medical Competition Awards Dinner

February 2, 2017

Greenbelt Marriott- 6400 Ivy Lane

Greenbelt, MD 20700

5:30 -9:00pm