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Biology/Chemistry/Math Video Gaming Competition

February 25, 2017

10:00am - 1:00pm

Prince George's Community College

Largo Student Center
301 Largo Road
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


                                                                                  VIDEO GAMING COMPETITION




General Information:  The purpose of the Biology/Chemistry/Math Video Gaming Competition is to encourage students to form teams and study groups to heighten their interest and get a better understanding of the different career opportunities in these fields to major in college.

Program:  Twenty teams of five members who will be tested on five Biology/Chemistry/Math Video Games.  These games will be based on middle school curriculum.  Each team will provide an overview of the game to prepare them to compete in the competition.

Schools: The competition will be among student teams for middle schools (6th - 8th grade) in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

Competition Event:  Each team will have 30 minutes to score as high as possible on each of the games.

Competition Video Game:  Five new video games are being developed especially for this program.  Each one deals with a specific are of science, such as inorganic chemistry, ecology, and immunology.

     - Chemistry Quest
     A simple introduction to inorganic chemistry, anyone can pick up "Chemistry Quest" and start mixing elements to create compounds.  When
     players create a new compound, they are rewarded with real-world information about what they've  made.  Players will learn about basic principles of
     chemistry, including oxidation numbers and ionic bonding.


     Edaphology is the branch of biology concerned with the effects of living organisms on soil conditions. In "Edaphos", players start with barren lifeless
     dirt and transform it into a thriving ecosystem.  Players will learn about problem solving and sustainable ecosystems.

    -The Immunity Factor

     A  seemingly simple math game set in the world of immunology, "The Immunity Factor" challenges students to get the most right answers as quickly as
     possible.  This game keeps students on their toes, rewarding quick and accurate decisions.

    - Theory Into Practice

       Developed with chemistry professor Nadene Houser-Archield, "Theory Into Practice" is a game about qualitative analysis, the scientific process
       of performing experiments to identify unknown samples.  This game teaches critical thinking and deductive reasoning.

   -  Go Nuclear

      This game is an introduction to nuclear chemistry, which deals with protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Players are given information about the mass and

      charge of the three subatomic particles, and then asked to identify various atoms.  Students will learn about physics, chemistry, and multiple methods

      of solving problem. 

Prizes: All member of the winning team will receive the following:

1st Place: Each member of the team will receive a $100 Gift Card

-  2nd Place: Each member of team will receive a $50 Gift Card

-  3rd Place: Each member of the team will receive a $25 Gift Card

Business and government support:  Prince George's Community College

We will be reaching out to the Biology and Chemistry organizations as well as the  Federal government agencies and local colleges/universities.

Fee: You must be an active member of the Patro-Tech Science Club.

Information and registration: For more information email us at biology@patriots-ttc.org or call Patriots at 301/925-9350