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Patriots NSBE's Jr. Chapter

National Society of Black Engineers

2016 - 2017 Patriots NSBE Jr. Chapter 3238

  Patriots NSBE Chapter Executive Board Officers





Justice Flora, Parliamentarian

Elizabeth Adejumo, Secretary

Miguel Lopez, Vice President

Kelin West, President

Kahlib Newman, Treasurer

General Information: Students joining the Patro-Tech Science Club receive a complimentary  membership to the Patriots National Society of Black Engineering, Jr. Chapter.  Students from 4th - 12th grade is eligible to compete in NSBE's STEM programs and competitions.  Patriots has been one of the largest Junior Chapter of the National Society of BlackEngineers (NSBE Jr.). The NSBE Jr. The chapter offers important advantages for future engineers and scientists.  The NSBE Jr. The chapter offers important advantages for future engineers and scientists. 

There are monthly workshop meetings with guest presenters, competitions, out-of-town conference, college fairs, and a Lego and Robotics team.  In general, the program is college-oriented, helping students to understand what different science and technology field involve, to plan for college and careers in one of  these fields, and to get excited about the possibilities. As a member, students will  receive a bi-annual magazine called NSBE BRIDGE.  The Bridge will  have information on SAT/ACT, college admission, preparation assistance, scholarships, science fair, mentoring, tutoring and muchmore. Additionally, members can receive discounts of up to 30% off of DELL computer purchase.

Program: Workshop meetings: Workshop meetings on held on every3rd Saturday at the Prince George's Community College, Largo Maryland from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  There is workshop curriculum for each  meeting with a choice of tutorial, career, and life skills workshops. Below are a list of workshops:

- Cyber Security

- Video Games/Flash Animation

- Lego Competition

- Programming

- Teen Engineering Design

- Making Beat/Fundamental of Recording

- Computer Building

- Life Skills

Competitions and Conference:

  • We like to enter teams in the annual Try-Math-A-Lon, Teen Engineering Design Science Fair Math Count, and Kid Zone competitions.  It's a great opportunity for students who are good in math and science and want to test their skills.

  • There are three  NSBE Conference each year that the Junior members are eligible to attend.  The National Conference is a great learning opportunity and the best chance to meet black engineering professionals.  There are also Summer and Fall conferences.

  • Each year we attend the Black Engineer of the Year Award Conference. Next year the conference will be in Bethesda, MD, where the students can meet professional engineers and learn more about engineering careers.

College Fairs: We encourage members to attend College Fairs, currently including those organized by Congress member Donna Edward and the KAPPA SAT prep workshops College Expo.  There is also a recruitment fair organized by the Government's intelligence agencies.  The intelligence agencies pay some students' college tuition in exchange for career service after graduation.

Robotics Teams: The NSBE Jr. The chapter has its own robotics team!

Business and Government support: NSBE activities receive support from a wide range of government and corporate sponsors such as Bank of America, NAVSE, NAVY, DOD, Air Force, Coast Guard, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon,  BAE Systems, Booz Allen and Hamilton,  MITRE, PEPCO and Microsoft  and from many individual volunteers. Patriots is seeking external support for expanding the program to incorporate a comprehensive pre-college assistance program.

Fees: Patriots members will receive a complementary membership to NSBE.

- Try-Math-A-Lon is free

- Black Engineer of the Year award conference is $30

- Summer and fall conferences cost approximately $250 (all costs)

- National conference cost approximately $600 (all costs)

-  College fairs are free