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General Information:  This is a great opportunity to learn how to build and to apply engineering and scientific knowledge learned in school. Patriots believe that attending
this competition and conference generate
excitement among students about and scientific careers. The Robotics team is an activity of Patriots'  NSBE Jr. Chapter. It start in September and extends through the regional robotics competition in March.

Participants learn to build robots, create, refine their robot, before entering it in the US First Competition  It takes hard work and dedication, but it's a lot of  fun.

Program:  In March the three-day regional competition is held at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. About 65 teams compete in the event. The Patriots team arrives one day before their competition to unpack their robot and conduct various test runs. The team stays in a hotel in Washington, DC during the event. Though only
in six-year, the robot has been able to finish in the middle of the pack in successive years and looks to move up in the future years.

Business and government support: This activity depends on outside support, especially due to the $6,000 entry fee for the regional competition. Last year the team was sponsored by BAE Systems, National Institutes of Health/Center for Information Technology, IBM, NAVSEA, Navy, and National Society of Black Engineers.

Fees:Must be a Patriot member.

An additional fee of $75 is required to cover the cost of the Robotic pin,T-shirt, refreshments, tools and materials.

Information and registration:

Call Patriots at 301-925-9350