2016YMCA Thingamajig   

2017 Women of Color Conference in Detriots, MI

    STEM Day Extravaganza at Morgan State University 

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​​  "                                                               "PATRIOTS STEM CARNIVAL ON THE ROAD"
                                                                DESIGNING VIDEO GAMES AND APPS - FLIGHT SIMULATIONS-BRIDGE DESIGN
                                                    ROCKET - CARTOON RENDERING - CYBER SECURITY JEOPARDY
                                             TWITTER & FACEBOOK SOCIAL MEDIA COMPETITION-VIDEO GAMES

                      The purpose of the  STEM CARNIVAL  is to raise awareness among late elementary, middle, and high school students of the importance of science, technology,
                   engineering, and math (STEM) by offering a variety of  learning opportunities which encourages them to pursue an education in these interrelated fields.

                  One of the biggest challenges is our students are not receiving enough exposure to STEM careers, and students feel STEM preparation classes in the school are difficult. 

                  Patriots' vision is to change student's attitudes about STEM education, show students that STEM learning can be fun, and how everything in life relates to STEM.

                 Patriots  STEM CARNIVAL "ON THE ROAD" showcases the different STEM careers in which students can major in and have fun.  For the last four years, Patriots has

                 hosted the  STEM CARNIVAL at the YMCA's Thingamajig event which 3,500 students attended, the Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference with more than 1000
                 students in  attendence, The Women of  Color Conference in Detriot, Michigan with more than 1500 students in addition to our STEM partners in the federal government,
                 military, and IT organizations.  We also host our  STEM CARNIVAL at schools, colleges, community events, and churches.

                The main goal of this event is to show students that learning about STEM is fun, and there are great careers in STEM fields as well as in government and the IT industry. 

                Invite Patriots' STEM Carnival to your school's, church, or community's next event.               





9th Annual Video Gaming Tournament/Conference   

Baltimore Native American Indian Center

Women of Color Conference in Detriots, MI