General Information: "Video Jam 2016" is our 9th Video Gaming Conference as we continue to focus on education of various career paths available in the 50 million dollar video gaming industry. We will have over 30 Video games that the students can test and play.  The games will be open the entire day as the students wait to play in one of the video tournament.

Program: We took a survey with over 100 students and 65% said they want to play in a tournament, 20% design a video game and 15% produce music.  This year the conference will be comprised of Video Game Tournaments.  Participants will be able to play in one tournament. The student will receive a tournament T-shirt, lunch and an opportunity to win door prizes. For the competition, the following selection of games will be available.






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                                                    VIDEO GAMING TOURNAMENT CONFERENCE
December 10, 2016

                                                              Prince George's Community College

                                                                                     8:00am - 2:00pm