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                                                                                    Saturday, September 21st

LEGO ROBOTICS  Competition

Lego Robotics offers an opportunity for engagement. Whether it is by creativity, technology, or research, LEGO robotics dare kids to test, explore, expand or completely change thoughts and approaches for different sciences.  This competition is an exciting and fun challenge for the students to design, build, test, and program autonomous physical and virtual robots using LEGO.  Lego Robotic Training Workshop are held on Saturdays at Prince George's Community College.

Research Challenge: Research on Mars

Tournament & Conference Competition

This year will be Patriots 10th Video Gaming Tournament & Conference Competition will continue to focus on education and various careers in the $50 billion dollar industry. The student will have the opportunity to compete in four video gaming tournament. Workshop presenters from colleges, universities, and professional video gaming companies will showcase their games to be tested by the students. 

  • Madden NFL
  • NBA2K
  • Super Mario Smash Bros.
  • Overwatch

 Upcoming Events

     Bowie State University & Patriots Back to
     Patriots School Kickoff

     Bowie State University

      September 21st, 2019

      10:00am - 2:00pm

      14000 Jericho Park Road
      Bowie, MD

     Video Gaming Jam Tournament and Conference

     Prince George's Community College

      December , 2019
      301 Largo Road

      Largo, MD

      10:00am- 2:00pm

      Register at:

    Lego Robotics Competition
    Bowie State University

     February 21, 2020

     14000 Jericho Park Road

     Bowie, MD

     Register at: lego@patriots-ttc.org

    Aerospace Aviation Competition Summit
    Joint Base Andrews

     March 4, 2020
     Camp Springs, MD

     Register at: aerospace@patriots-ttc.org

Programs & Competitions

The Bowie State University and Patriots invite students 5th - 12th to the Back to Patriots Kickoff. Join us in a competition that will allow students and parents to discover Bowie State University and learn about the opportunities the college provides.  Teams of (8) four students and four parents/guardians will explore the campus on a STEM exploration adventure searching for  QR codes. The team that gains the most points, answering the quiz questions correctly, and completes the bonus challenge wins. A smartphone or tablet with a QR reader app is required.  A Facebook, Twitter or, Instagram account is needed for the bonus point.

  • First Place:       $100.00
  • Second Place:     $50.00 
  • Third Place:        $25.00