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Patriots Summer Camp Site Visits
Summer Camp

June 27 - July 29

July 28th

YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention      

Upper Marlboro, MD

July 29th

Six Flags (Last Day of Camp)                            






                           Patriots Five Week Amusement  Design
                                 "STEM" Summer Camp 
                                 June 27th - July 29th

For twenty (20) years, Patriots have conducted a five-week STEM Summer Camp. Our program run six hours per day;  7:30am - 2:00pm. A great opportunity for campers to receive in-depth knowledge about technology, enjoy the workshop and outside activities that will help prepare the campers for the Patriots STEM competitions for the 2016-2017 school year.

We have developed workshops for each week that offer a unique learning experience for the students. The camp offers a broad range of fun, hands-on activities Video Game Design, App Design, Lego and Robotic programming. Leadership skills and much more.

Our program gives the students the opportunity to create, explore, experiment and play, all within having fun. The mission of the camp is to provide the kids with a fun and exciting summer. We hope to build lifelong summer memories with your child.

Summer Camp Activities:

  • Amusement Park Design Competition
  • Video and App Design
  • Lego Robotic 
  • Computer Networking
  • Flight Aviation

Field Trips:

  • Six Flags Site Visits - June 30th
  • US Department of  Agriculture - July 21st
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  - July 22nd
  • YMCA Thingamajig Conference -  July 28th
  • Six Flags Day at the Park last day of Camp - July 29th

Patriots STEM Summer Camp

Six Flags Amusement Park Design Competition

June 27th - July 29

7:30am - 2:00pm













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