Patriots/NSBE Jr. Chapter Parent Committee

Kalika R. White

Kalika R. White

Patriots/NSBE Jr. Chapter Parent Committee Chair

“I have been associated with the Patriots for 10 years which began when I first enrolled my son to be on the Lego team. He participated in several of the competitions, assisted in the planning of several programs and was a member of the Patriots/NSBE Jr Executive Board. Patriots was the ideal organization where he could learn about STEM careers and I had the opportunity to be with him and participate as well.

Some of the benefits that I have encountered, and you will, too, as parents, was to meet other organizations, STEM companies, and to meet other parents and share their resources on STEM careers.

Additionally, I had a chance to travel to the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and with the Patriots STEM Carnival in Detroit for the Women of Color Conference and the Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) Conference in Washington, DC.

Come on parents and join me as we, together, build a road map to STEM careers for our future STEM professionals.”

~ Kalika R. White

The Parent Committee is essential because parents work with their children in putting together a roadmap to college and careers. Parents play a big part and it is displayed in the interaction they provide by staying involved in the educational and professional growth of their child/ren. This committee not only helps to point students in the right direction but shares information to other parents and students.

Mission: The mission of the Parent Committee is to work together to find resources, fundraisers, showcase and chaperone our out-of-town conferences, coordinate events and find mentors from their employment and friends.

Several committees and appointed chairs are established in an effort to accomplish goals to support the programs and activities of the students. Listed below are sub-committees that comprise the committee. Click each one to see their associated responsibilities.

If you are interested in joining one or more committees please submit your request using the form at the bottom of the page.

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    Membership Committee


    • Responsible for devising ways to increase the Membership of the Patriots Parent Group and assist the Membership Chair of the Patriots/NSBE Jr. Chapter
    • Responsible for maintaining a list of contact information.

    Program Committee


    • Responsible for organizing and coordinating support to the Patriots programs
    • Assisting, overseeing and mentoring competition teams

    Scholarship Committee


    • Responsible for finding scholarships and disseminating the scholarships/opportunities to the Parents and Students.

    Fundraising Committee


    • Responsible for fundraising ideas and implementation in support of assisting our members with expenses associated with attendance at conferences.
    • T-shirts and other visible items that will quickly and clearing identify the members as being Patriots.
    • Assist with purchasing of equipment or materials for the organization.

    Multi Media/Newsletter Committee


    • Responsible for obtaining information for newsletter.
    • Writing newsletter articles.
    • Obtaining and submittals of photos from each Patriots event and/or workshop.
    • Manage social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    • Create and update social media posting schedules, replying to comments from subscribers or liking tagged photos, and coordinating with other parents to determine how to market the Patriots programs using social media.
    • Research on professionals to be on our blog.
    • Research on STEM professionals to be featured in our E-Newsletter (20,000 distribution).

    Hospitality Committee


    • Responsible for planning and execution of setup of food/refreshments for all Patriots events.
    • Responsible for greeters/host/hostess.
    • Responsible for Patriots special events such as: Holiday Party, Senior Recognition, End-of-the Year Get Together.

    Program Registration Committee


    • Responsible for maintaining registration; setup and coverage.

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    Mentor Expectations (Adult)

    • Complete online registration form. Click here.
    • Attend the Patriots Back to School Summit (or have a corporate representative).
    • Commit to serving as an E-Mentor for at least 1 year.
    • Respond to online submitted questions within 48 hours.
    • If unable to answer an online question, please notify the E-Mentoring website administrator with 24 hours.
    • Consider hosting a virtual online workshop.
    • Please inform Patriots if you would like to include other company representatives.
    • Complete an end-of-the-year E-Mentoring program evaluation.

    Mentee Expectations (Student)

    • Attend the Patriots Back to School Summit.
    • Commit to participation in the E-Mentoring program for at least 1 year.
    • Attend at least 8 webinars.
    • Ask respectful and inquisitive questions.
    • Respect the response from the E-Mentor.
    • Participate in the Patriots’ monthly virtual workshops/competitions.
    • Complete an end-of-the-year E-Mentoring program evaluation.
    • Become a member of the Patriots/NSBE Jr Chapter (complete the registration form so that we will have an idea of your career goal).

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