How To Whitelist Patriots Emails

Google (Gmail Mobile)

In the Gmail app, you have two options:

  1. Report an email as “not spam” (if the email is in spam).
  2. Move an email from the promotional inbox to the primary inbox.

If an email is ending up in your spam folder, open the email and click Report not spam.

You can also tap the three dots in the upper right corner and click Mark important to give it priority in your inbox (shown in the video below).

Google (Gmail Desktop)

Mark messages as ‘Not spam’

If Gmail has marked emails you wish to whitelist as spam, tell Gmail the emails are not spam.

  • In Gmail, navigate to the spam folder.
  • Search for emails containing the domain you wish to whitelist ( and
  • Select all the emails shown. Click More and then Not spam.

Create a filter for the address

2. Create a filter to tell Google to whitelist email from a domain or online group.

  • Click the cog icon in the top-right corner, and then Settings
  • Click on Filters and then Create a new filter
  • Enter in the From field
  • Click Create filter with this search
  • In the box headed When a message arrives that matches this search select Never send it to spam
  • Click the Create filter button
  • Repeat this procedure to create a second filter using in the From field.

  • Click the cog icon in the top-right corner and then More mail settings
  • Select Safe and blocked senders and then Safe senders
  • Add add the domain of the email you want to whitelist to the list of Safe senders
  • Return to Safe and blocked senders and then select Safe mailing lists
  • Add and to whitelist to the list of Safe mailing lists

Yahoo! (Mobile)

To add an email address to your mobile Yahoo! Mail contacts (and ensure delivery), follow these steps:

  • Tap the hamburger menu (three stacked lines) in the top left.
  • Tap Settings and scroll down to Filters.
  • Tap the + icon to add a new filter.
  • Name it anything you want (such as “Whitelist”)
  • Add the and to the whitelist to get deliveries from every email at that domain.
  • Click the ✓ icon in the top right to save the filter.

Yahoo! Mail (Desktop)

Create a filter for and

  • Mouse over the Settings menu icon and select Settings
  • Click Filters and then Add
  • Enter a Filter Name
  • Enter in the Sender field
  • Select Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to
  • Click Save and then click Save again
  • Repeat the procedure to add a filter for

Apple Mail

Apple Mail doesn’t have the option to whitelist like some other email providers do. Instead, all you can do is mark something as “Not Junk” and it will be sent to your inbox. Here’s how:

  • Open your Mail app and go to the Mailboxes screen.
  • Select the Junk folder.
  • Find the email you want to whitelist and swipe left to see options.
  • Tap the More button.
  • Tap the Mark button.
  • Tap the Mark as Not Junk button.

Outlook Mobile

On Outlook mobile, you can add senders to your focused inbox to ensure delivery of their emails. Here’s how:

  • Open the email you want to whitelist.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right of the screen (not the dots inside the email).
  • Tap Move to Focused Inbox.
  • In the popup box, tap the radius button for “Move this and all future messages” then tap MOVE TO FOLDER.

Outlook 20XX (Desktop)

To whitelist an email in any version of Outlook after 2000:

  • Click the blue Click here to download pictures information box.
  • Click Add the Domain to Safe Senders List to whitelist all emails coming from any email address on that domain.
  • Do the same for any emails from (Desktop)

  • Open the email you want to whitelist.
  • An alert message should display stating, “Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety.”
  • Click I trust Always show content.
  • Repeat the procedure for any emails from

AOL Mail (Desktop)

To whitelist emails on AOL:

  • Open the email you would like to whitelist.
  • Click their email contact name and address, then click Add Contact.
  • Enter Patriots as Company Name. Click Add Contact again. That’s it!

Comcast/Xfinity (Desktop)

If you have an email account from Xfinity (formerly Comcast), here’s how to whitelist a contact:

  • Sign into your My XFINITY account.
  • At the top right, click the Mail icon to get to your inbox.
  • Click the Address Book tab.
  • Click +Create Contact in the top menu (looks like a head silhouette with a plus sign).
  • Add
  • Click Save to save and whitelist the contact.
  • Repeat the procedure for and

AT&T Yahoo Mail (Desktop)

AT&T uses the Yahoo! Mail app platform, so whitelisting instructions are the same with both. To whitelist contacts with these email providers:

  • Click the contact book in the right-hand menu.
  • At the bottom of the sidebar, click +Add new contact.
  • Enter Patriots as the company name and as the email you want to whitelist
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat the procedure for and

Mac OS X or macOS:

  • In the top menu, click Mail > Preferences.
  • Click the Rules tab.
  • Click Add Rule.
  • Enter a whitelist name in the Description field, such as “Whitelist: Patriotws” to create the new rule.
  • For conditions, set the first dropdown menu item to any. It should say: If any of the following conditions are met.
  • In the following dropdown menus, select:
  • From in the first field and Ends with in the second field.
  • In the text field following Ends with, enter
  • Click the plus sign next to the last condition to add with the same criteria.
  • In the Perform the following actions section, set the three dropdown items to:
  • Move Message, to the mailbox: Inbox (or any target folder you want).
  • Click OK to save the rule.

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