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Tarice Martin
Tarice Martin
Technical Manager
General Dynamics Mission Systems

“The sky is vast but your mind is untapped. And the vastness that you can invest in – you invest in yourself. Once more, for yourself – reach higher. And remember, someone else isn’t the only one that can do great things, YOU CAN TOO!  Believe in yourself and don’t accept failure as an option.”

Ms. Tarice Martin is a Technical Engineering Manager for the Maritime & Strategic Program at General Dynamics Mission Systems. Her team of engineers test, build, and support Advanced Guidance Systems for the Navy. She is a member of the Association of Women in Science; Society of Women Engineers; and for WARD (For Women’s Advancement, Recognition & Development). She has a Master’s of Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s of Science from Kennesaw State University.

Ms. Martin started her STEM interest early when she participated in two programs: the JHU early research program, “The Study of Mathematics Precocious Youth,” designed to identify 5 children of 5,000 studied and a Bell Laboratories field trip for inner-city children. Later she graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, an engineering-based college preparatory high school.

Key roles held by Ms. Martin through the years within varying engineering disciplines are: Technical Specialist; Human Machine Interface Engineer; Professional Scientist; Senior Consultant; Systems Engineer; Program Manager and Technical Manager. Her background is extremely diverse in multiple industries within the Department of Defense and private sector industries. Ms. Martin is a passionate and innovative leader whose mantra pushes for finding shifts in paradigms to establish change.

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