Patriots Cyber Security Summit – 2024

Cyber Security - Can You Break The Code

April 11th, 2024

Students will have the opportunity to visit 20 Cyber Security exhibits to see if they can break the code. The summit will host hands-on exhibits/workshops introducing middle and high school students to careers our nation needs. Each station will have a QR Code for you to scan and answer the question, adding up your score. We will announce the winner during lunch.

Students are to bring their cell phones to compete in the KAHOOT Game for the top 3 students to win the big prize.

1st Place Winner – $500 Gift Card
2nd Place Winner – $400 Gift Card
3rd Place Winner – $300 Gift Card

DATE: April 11th, 2024
TIME: 9:00 am-1:00 pm

LOCATION: Bowie State University
Student Center
14000 Jericho Park Road
Bowie, MD 20715

Cyber Security Summit 2024

Capture The Flag Competition

Additionally, the Patriots will host a Capture the Flag Competition consisting of ten (10) teams with three (3) students on a team.

Prizes (Each member of the team):
1st Place Winners – $100 Gift Card
2nd Place Winners – $50 Gift Card
3rd Place Winners – $25 Gift Card


Attendees: $10 Members, $20 Non-members
Players: $60 Per Team of 3 (Includes Admission)

Attendees Get Your Tickets Now

Capture The Flag Players
Get Your Tickets Here

Team Size is 3 Players (Price Includes Admission)

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Mentor Expectations (Adult)

  • Complete online registration form. Click here.
  • Attend the Patriots Back to School Summit (or have a corporate representative).
  • Commit to serving as an E-Mentor for at least 1 year.
  • Respond to online submitted questions within 48 hours.
  • If unable to answer an online question, please notify the E-Mentoring website administrator with 24 hours.
  • Consider hosting a virtual online workshop.
  • Please inform Patriots if you would like to include other company representatives.
  • Complete an end-of-the-year E-Mentoring program evaluation.

Mentee Expectations (Student)

  • Attend the Patriots Back to School Summit.
  • Commit to participation in the E-Mentoring program for at least 1 year.
  • Attend at least 8 webinars.
  • Ask respectful and inquisitive questions.
  • Respect the response from the E-Mentor.
  • Participate in the Patriots’ monthly virtual workshops/competitions.
  • Complete an end-of-the-year E-Mentoring program evaluation.
  • Become a member of the Patriots/NSBE Jr Chapter (complete the registration form so that we will have an idea of your career goal).

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