What is a STEM Career?


The job market is evolving its roots into dynamic sectors of mathematics, engineering, science, and technology. This leads to the question:”What is a STEM career and how is it linked to the sectors mentioned above?” The word STEM emerges from these multiple sectors, which come together to provide multiple opportunities to people looking for a stable career.  These are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

To select the best career path that fits your area of interest, you must understand the knowledge, training, and skills required for a STEM career.

The mission of the Patriots Technology Training Center (Patriots) is to expose children to STEM, and revolves around the insight of what is a STEM career and the projects and activities that can guide you to choose your career path.

What Is A STEM Career?

If you’re looking for a job in the fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, then you are on your way to acquiring a STEM job. These courses support you in developing new ideas, analytical thinking, solving problems, or conducting research. With a strong base in these subjects, it will get easy for you to step into the world of STEM careers.

Experts in the aforementioned fields can work in different professional settings such as classrooms, offices, research labs, etc.

Skill Requirements

When opting for a STEM career, you need to adopt multiple soft skills in addition to your technical skills in this field you chose to be in. these soft and hard skills combined will not just help you walk the steps to success but help you cross all hurdles with ease.

The soft skills required are as follows:

  • Focus on details.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Creativity.
  • Advanced knowledge in science, technology, engineering, or math fields.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Leadership quality.
  • Organization management.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Efficient communication.

What Are The 5 Main STEM Careers?

As the name suggests, STEM consists of a wide range of career fields, each unique specification. When looking for a career option within the STEM domains, you can go through the list below to see which sector you fall under and how you can work for it.


Science is not just limited to one particular subject; it comprises multiple branches that you can choose from. People interested in expanding their scope under physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, medicine, or social sciences need to consider the type of knowledge required and the job available in this sector.

With the help of science jobs, STEM allows you to focus on your analytical skills, research techniques, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. These skills can open up opportunities for you to work as a psychologist, scientist, biochemist, anthropologist, medical, environmentalist, archeologist, and more.


When working for technology, you will be focusing on developing new software, tech-based systems, and programming existing systems. STEM, under technology jobs, allows you to employ data-developing strategies, generate solutions for technological issues, and use scientific reasoning.

The types of jobs you can go for under technology careers are web developers, programmers, computer network architects, etc.


Engineering comprises several career scopes that require technical knowledge and creative thinking. These skills are used to present solutions for real-world problems. People looking to excel in the field of engineering need to understand the areas within this career. For instance, would you prefer to establish yourself under mechanical, electrical, chemical, environmental, or civil engineering?

Once you understand the different aspects of engineering, you can go for relevant jobs such as chemical engineer, civil engineer, or aerospace engineer.


Under STEM careers, M is represented by Math. There is a wide array of fields under math itself. You can pick between multiple options such as calculus, accounting, economics, even scientific fields such as physics. All these require an understanding of mathematical skills.

The math skills you acquire can be used to deduce, provide reasoning, and solve problems. If you enter a math-related career, you should be prepared to analyze information, identify problems, propose data-based solutions, and create models using different data patterns.

What Is the STEM Gap?

STEM careers are known to be male-dominated. Few professions consider female employees to work for them. These occupations are mainly health-related that fall under science jobs or accounting-related that fall under math careers.  

As established above, the dynamics of the corporate world are evolving. The job market is much more open to recruiting women in male-dominated fields than it was before. Patriots aims to diversify the workforce by providing ample opportunities to all genders to help them qualify for STEM careers.

What Upcoming Events Can Students Participate in To Understand STEM Careers?

Patriots has come forth with multiple events, tournaments, and classes that students of all genders can participate in and showcase their capabilities. These events come as an opportunity for children to take their initial steps towards STEM careers.

Some upcoming events are as follows:

E-Sports Tournament

Students from 5th to 12th grades will be allowed to play in the E-Sports STEM Career Tournament to attend workshops that will highlight career opportunities in E-Sports. Professional sports players will be present as guest speakers to guide students about the importance of this field.

Reading Competition

A reading competition featuring Mrs. Sandra Evers- Manly, the author of “Raised by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s,” will take place in October 2021 for students to present their reading abilities. This competition is fruitful for those interested in a STEM career that falls under social sciences.

Transportation Careers Competition

A one-day transportation summit careers competition will commence at Bowie State University. It will be an in-person event that comprises 20 workshops and exhibits showcasing the transportation industry.

STEM professional mentors will be present to help the teams prepare for the competition. Those interested in the transportation industry are highly recommended to enter and compete.

Video Game Design

A video gaming conference is also arranged where students will be educated about the career opportunities in this industry. Students can attend virtual workshops hosted by experts in the video game industry to enhance their knowledge about this field.


Now that you have more insight into what is a STEM Career, take some time to think about what interests you or your student. STEM Careers are stable and provide many fulfilling job opportunities. Whatever you decide, Patriots is here to support you in your journey.

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